Prepare your Transfer Pricing Documentation in the Right Circumstances and Contents!

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What is the Transfer Pricing landscape for year 2021?

The Budget 2021 announcements which have gazetted the law under Finance Act 2020 which have tightened the Transfer Pricing compliance requirements in Malaysia with effective from 1 January 2021 with the introduction of the following provisions:

What you need to know about Transfer Pricing?

Transfer Pricing refers to the pricing of goods, services and intangibles between associated parties.

Associated parties are parties who control one another, or who are under the common control of another party, whether directly or indirectly. They include branches and head offices.

All related party transactions (“controlled transactions”) are required to be conducted at arm’s length prices, e.g. the prices between associated persons should be approximately the prices between independent parties undertaking transactions under similar terms and conditions.

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What will you learn?

✅ Understand the concept of transfer pricing, types of transaction between related parties

✅ Learn different types of transfer pricing methodologies

✅ Understand the circumstances and contents to prepare transfer pricing documentation

✅Understand the consequences for not preparing transfer pricing documentation within the stipulated timeline.

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