The business landscape has been changing with unprecedented speeds. From traditional businesses to digital transformation, local businesses are faced with a tougher ever-changing environment. Here at YYC, we help companies refocus their strategies, to help solve the complexed environment from the small SME Entrepreneur, to  International Large Corporations.

Looking from the end in mind with a focus of financials and equity, we help deliver growth strategy, to help you take hold and take charge of your market.

Where many businesses are often busy fighting their battles in the market, companies should not forget the importance of aligning your objectives, talent, corporate management, strategic planning, financial planning, business valuation, as well as succession planning. Here at YYC we strive to understand the WHY of your business to help solve the HOW to do it.

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Many challenges today can impact your company financially where improvements are urgently required. Underperformances such as COVID and other disruptions, declining profits, liquidity or cash issues, as well as stakeholder pressure may need you to relook into restructuring.

We understand the need of companies to undergo financial or organizational restructuring, and how it can help optimize financials to get better profitability, lower liabilities, improve tax effeciencies, free up cash or even to invest in new opportunities.

Our Corporate Advisory team with its significant experience on corporate restructuring is here to help, together with the wider advisory services that can provide to you insights and expertise on:

- Guidance and Understanding of Clear Corporate Structures
- Optimizing Corporate Structures
- Tax Efficiencies
- Disruption Response
- Shareholder Management
- Exit or Closure Management


In the world of constant change, companies need to steer through the complexed, cluttered business world and make sense of the fast paced changes and disruptions. We can help you future-proof your market to steer through to steer through your biggest challenges while maximising impact.

We help companies transform and navigate their entire organisation - from their target goals, down to the how to achieve, while going through their propositions, innovation, financial forecast and cashflow management. We help ask the tough questions, to what matters, how it needs to be prioritised, and executed.

We provide a systematic and practical approach to setting strategic planning, execution and guide implementation across 12 forces of Strategic Planning Mastery where we help companies:

- Develop and review your vision, mission and values
- Aligning your stakeholders
- Review and develop your unique selling proposition
- Review and develop your financial engine to support your strategies
- Understand and manage your financials
- Plan, develop and prioritize your strategies
- Assessing your oganizational structure and accountability
- Develop and structure your financial forecast projection


Finance tells the story of a company where the speed of critical judgement and insights on financials can be the difference between a market leader and a lagger. We help companies understand, analyze and view these where we go through:

- How to tell the financial story of your company
- The ins and outs of the critical numbers in your business and which ones matter
- The critical cashflow numbers that matter, and when to use each
- How to integrate your financial story into everyday decisions that your management team can control
- How to build an effective strategy to ramp up the value of your business
- How to make your bank a True partner in your business growth

Our experienced PowerCash experts work together to help provide:

- Financial Literacy for Management Decision Making
- Easy Finance Management and Financial-based management
- Identification of financial milestones required
- Stress-Test and Strategic Finance Planning


Professional Expertise
By engaging our services you are effectively hiring our team of experts. Our YYC Advisory Experts cumulative experience spans multiple industries and markets, from Professional Corporate Trainers, Business Owners, Financial Managers, Listed Companies Strategic Heads, Go-To-Market experts and more, are ready to help you.

Scaling Capabilities
With having a team help guide or provide advisory services, your company can keep focus on what they do best - ensuring your business operates at its utmost capability. Having advisory services helps unravel the industry fog, introducing best practices, new ways of strategizing, thinking or processing from cumulative experience of various industries to help support you to navigate through your challenges.


YYC has over 46 years of experience in helping its clients take their businesses to newer heights. YYC is familiar with the contemporary business challenges in the ever changing volatile global market, and have helped many companies - both local and overseas companies in growing their businesses. YYC is also a HRDCorp registered training company, where we also offer training programmes which are HRDCorp fund claimable.

YYC has
- Trained over 120,000 business owners, employees and managers at all levels in professional development for skills - covering both personal and business growth
- Servicing over 20,000 clients throughout Malaysia and Singapore
- Countless successful projects in helping business owners restructure their business and boosting their revenue
- Obtained investments from OCBC Bank to become the strategic partner to help YYC grow and assist entrepreneurs

Our Team


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** We have a dedicated team of staff providing quick response and excellent customer service. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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