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Payroll processing is one of the most crucial support functions in any business that is subject to various laws, regulations and statutory requirements which need to handle with the utmost attention. 

Payroll outsourcing has become a preferred solution for businesses, as they aim to manage resources better by not allowing non-revenue generating activities to slow down productivity. We possess the necessary payroll professionals, combined with systems and tools to enable companies to focus on their business while we take care of their payroll needs.

Our payroll professionals have the expertise, experience, systems, and procedures to deliver accurate, timely and comprehensive payroll services. 

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

1. Cost-effectiveness

Instead of incurring headcount costs for an internal payroll department, outsourcing payroll allows that cost to be shared with other businesses. In addition, other non-measurable staff related costs such as recruiting training, medical benefits, amenities, and time to manage an internal payroll department can be saved with outsourcing your payroll function.

2. Focus on core business function

Enable your company to focus on revenue-generating activities instead of managing a support function such as payroll. The management team of your business will be able to focus on value added activities with their time contributing to generating revenue.

3. Payroll management with cloud-based payroll software

Instead of hiring payroll staff and paying for a payroll software to manage your payroll needs, our payroll professionals deploy the most relevant payroll software to manage your payroll. The deployed software provides real time data and reports to be customized based on client’s needs. 

4. Statutory compliance

Our payroll professionals are updated with the latest legislative changes and statutory requirements. We ensure our payroll processes and reporting meet the latest statutory requirements and reporting standards. Our payroll professionals will also ensure you are informed with the latest changes in payroll related legislations, and statutory requirements.

5. High-level confidentiality and payroll security information

Payroll information has high level confidentiality. Our payroll professionals serve as an external point of your payroll process, further reducing the risk of breaching confidentiality and strengthening the internal control of your payroll processes.

6. Continuity in payroll operations

In an organization, payroll is a vital process that is carried out by only a few selected staff. Any staff turnover could disrupt the payroll process which has severe impact on the wider staff in an organization. Outsourcing payroll would remove such impact, by relying on payroll outsourcing an organization will be able to maintain a consistent approach to managing payroll, mitigating disruptions that could arise from internally managed payroll department.

Our payroll outsourcing service includes: 

  • Statutory account registration service (IRB, EPF, SOCSO, HRDF)
  • Payroll Processing (salaries, overtime, allowances, and deductions)
  • Salary remittance and statutory payment (EPF, SOCSO, EIS, LHDN, HRDF)
  • Registration/ notification of new and cessation of employment with statutory body 
  • Monthly Electronic Payroll Reports and E-payslip
  • Provision of Statutory Audit
  • Preparation EA Form and E Form submission
  • Professional payroll advisory
  • Payroll report analysis

Our Team


Ivan Sek
Head of Centre

Ann Photo

Head of Payroll

If you have more queries for our payroll outsourcing service, reach out to us at below.

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