Statutory Audit and Assurance

It is every company's wish to perform best in every aspect in its business. Every business activity requires informed decisions, professionalism and apt competence.

It is through this understanding that we have taken time to make sure that every statutory audit and assurance aspect is taken care of so that businesses can grow and attain their desired goals and objectives.

Our company is made of best trained and qualified professionals. The list of these professionals includes the best in accounting, tax specialists and business consultants.

In this way therefore we have ensured that issues in the mentioned areas are dealt with to the satisfaction and success of our ever-growing client base.

It is of particular importance that we have over 30 years in business. This has brought about such experience and authority in our practice such that our clients have come to reap the benefits in the use of our services.

We have therefore been able to put a business smile on the faces of thousands of businesses across Malaysia and beyond.

It is notable that through our statutory audit and assurance services, some of our clients have risen to even being listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange while many others have become authorities in the international arena.

Our statutory audit and assurance services have been the best on offer. As a result of the many years that we have been in business, we have come up with a professional service that compares to no other.

Using a unique approach, we have stood out of the pack in the fact that we ensure that all communication channels are open. In this way, we constantly hold consultations and discussions with our clients prior, during and after every of statutory audit and assurance exercise.

Before the statutory audit and assurance exercise starts, we ensure that we have taken time to understand your business and the environment in which it carries out its operations.

In this way we are able to identify the best approach to take and provide informed insights on which a client will better take risk management actions.

After this is done, we allocate enough professional auditors who will identify, discuss and deal with arising issues well in advance such that the exercise goes perfectly without hitches.

During the exercise, we hold frequent consultations within the group and therefore ensure that we have saved time for the client. Our auditors also ensure that the client is well informed of any difficulties that may arise as well as being taken through the results of the audit and possible remedial actions to take.

We are specialized and equipped with tools to deal with both planning and risk management processes. In this way, special focus is set to the greatest risk areas such as financial statements or particular areas depending on the client business.

We apply a flexible approach which is both participatory and open to any arising issues that would see to the success of the exercise. Our clients have all commended us in our timeliness, accounting, audit and assurance standards and methodologies.

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