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Our team of professionals are equipped with a broad range of skills and deep industry knowledge to assist you to avoid loss of value. From helping you to understand the potential risks and rewards of owners divesting their business to supporting you in minimizing value leakage, we assess your requirements, conditions and support your negotiating position to maximize the sales price and execute the transaction in a controlled environment.

We will be with you throughout the process and assist you in various work to get to the end of the line, including:

  • Running the process of the acquisition (buy) or divestment (sell),
  • Deal structuring
  • Business enterprise valuation
  • Financial due diligence
  • Review of buy and sell transaction agreements, such as term sheets, sales and purchase agreements and others.

Managing the process of the acquisition (buy) or divestment (sell)

Such process can be a potential deal breaker if they are not properly managed and you may suffer huge risks and loss in values.

In the case of an acquisition or buy side advisory, our team of professionals will assist in identifying business that are of synergy to the company, prepare the appropriate analysis on the business, and start the process of approaching and negotiating with the relevant parties.

In the case of a divestment or sell side advisory, our team of professionals will assist in preparing the relevant documentation, inclusive of looking through the financial statements, understanding the business and the state of readiness to showcase to any potential investors. We will also be assisting in preparing the proforma financial statements, answering queries from the investors as well as data room preparation be it virtually or physically.

Deal structuring

Deal structuring typically involves the detailed outline of terms that help structure a smooth transfer of business ownership. What is the best structure to be in place for the business transaction or divestment to happen? Which deal structure will fetch the highest value at the point of sale?

We will be able to assist business owners by providing a holistic view, assessing the advantages and disadvantages of certain structures and communicate key inputs that will be executable and at the same time, practical, depending on the situation and landscape of the transaction and market. We at the same time, act as the independent channel to bridge the gap between vendors and investors and to help smoothen the transfer of business ownership.

Review of buy/ sell transaction agreements

We understand that all the review of term sheets and transaction agreements requires extensive knowledge and experience on the subject matter. As all transactions are unique and there’s no generic agreement to fit all, we work closely with our client’s legal counsel and advisor in ensuring all the agreements meet the objective of the transaction.

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