List Of Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to our clients. No clients are too large or small for us.


- Statutory audit

Benefit from our services:

* Delivery of efficient compliance within timeline

* Dedicated team of staff who understands your business and are trained to keep lines of communication open

* Exit meetings to discuss any matters arising from audit to reach agreements to matters and adjustments to be passed

* Delivery of value through identification of improvement opportunities that will be communicated to you through exit meetings

* Improve external financial reporting

- Due diligence

Benefit from our services:

* External audit team to provide due diligence services

* Identify and managing significant transaction issues, potentially important risks and negotiation issues

- Internal audit

Benefit from our services:

* Reduce exposure to unpleasant surprises

* Mitigate risks and exploit opportunities


- Tax compliance

Benefit from our services:

* Delivery of quality preparation of tax returns and computations on timely basis

* identify and highlight tax risk areas and provide them with the right solutions

* Constantly looking for opportunities for tax savings and claiming of tax incentives

- Tax planning

Benefit from our services:

* Structuring of companies and operations to optimize tax benefits

* Maximize tax efficiency by reviewing business transactions and documentations

* Tax efficiency for property development companies and land deals

* Application for exemption of import duties and sales tax on the import of equipment and raw materials

* Advise on initial startups for foreign companies starting business in Malaysia

* Advise on tax treaty issues relating to permanent establishments and withholding tax issues

- Tax audit and investigation

Benefit from our services:

* Assist to deal with tax audit and investigation cases so that you can concentrate on your business whilst leaving us to settle your tax matter

* Providing solutions to mitigate your tax exposure

* Negotiate with tax authorities to lower the tax liability - Pre-tax audit Benefit from our services:

* Highlight adverse tax issues which you may not be aware of

* Asisst you to identify potential field audit issues

* Advising on preventive measures to avoid tax pitfalls

- Tax incentives

Benefit from our services:

* Application for tax incentives available in manufacturing, services and biotechnology sector

* Application for MSC status

* Application for Operational Headquarter Status for foreign companies


- Corporate restructuring

Benefit from our services:

* Clear reporting structure

* Maximise tax efficiency

* Optimal corporate structure

- Strategic planning

Benefit from our services:

* 5 year business plan

* Establish clear and long term vision and mission for companies

* Strategies on how to achieve business goals

* Assist companies to stay relevant and to focus on growth

* Improve business performance

* Increase market share

* Improve company branding

- Outsourced CFO

Benefit from our services:

* Faster access to key important information to support business decisions

* Improve profits

* Maximise cashflow

* Increase clarity and quality of information

* Reduce cost base

- Business valuation

Benefits from our services:

* Determine the approximate value of marketable assets in the event the business is liquidated.

* Establish an approximate value of each owner's interest for personal planning purposes if the business is to be retained for the owner or the owner's survivors.

* Determine the approximate value of each owner's interest if the business interest is to be sold.

- Business sale/ succession planning

Benefits from our services:

* Promote online to source for prospective buyer

* Maximise the business value

- Business incorporation

Benefits from our services:

* Efficient and cost effective incorporation services

* Analysis of the most appropriate types of company structure

* Professional company secretary

- Winding up and liquidation

4. Accounting and bookkeeping

- Outsourced accounting

Benefits from our services:

* Proper accounting records and traceability

* Cost effective and professional services

* Achieving high level of accuracy

* Gaining from the assistance of experts

- Outsourced payroll

Benefits from our services:

* Cost effective and professional services

* Leverage on our HR experience and expertise

* Fraud check

- Hiring of accounts personnel

Benefits from our services:

* Find suitable candidate for company

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