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Our team of professionals are committed to working closely with you and providing you with strategically focused and value adding analysis and recommendations in navigating your way in any business combination, focusing on the financial aspects in a business combination.

Financial due diligence and timely professional advice enhance the quality of decisions on any business combination transaction. We are here to ensure that your buying decision on any business go with the right information and to verify the accuracy of the information provided.

How we can assist:

Understanding the structure of the target

  • We summarise the history of change of management and shareholders;
  • We describe the current revenue profile;
  • We describe the key accounting policies in place

Identifying the business environment of the target

  • We identify any tax and legal issues needing further specialist investigation

Performing a high level financial review and identify the potential deal breakers

  • We analyse the key drivers of underlying the historical financial performance and cash flows;
  • We investigate on the quality of earnings, and the sustainability of cash flows;
  • We comment on the forecasted financial performance and cash flows;
  • We perform an analysis of the main components of the balance sheet (including working capital requirements and net debt position);
  • We summarise on liabilities and off-balance sheet commitments
  • We identify and highlight key risks areas hidden within the financials.
  • We would also advise on the potential adjustments that you should take note that would reflect a more accurate presentation of the financial records, which would in turn affect the buying decision or price in the end.

Vendor or sell side due diligence

Apart from the buy side financial due diligence (which is the due diligence conducted on the target by the buying party), we can also assist in vendor due diligence. This is an in-depth report on the financial health of a company that is being sold.

This involved advising the result of a due diligence of your business is being sold so that you can prepare and avoid any unfavourable results that may come up during a due diligence exercise. Many business take this step to ensure a smooth business transactions and plan ahead so that it provides the vendor greater control over the sale process and ultimately help secure a better or higher price for the business.

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