What Employer needs to Know in Employment Act 1955 !

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What is the must-know in managing employees in the new normal?

3 actions to act fast on the employment contract: Review, Understand & Improve! (if you are an employer, you need to learn this )

The implications of the pandemic for employers have been severe on so many fronts that is understandable if employers have yet to strengthen the employment management to protect company interest.

This webinar summarises the key actions that employers need to take as they open up their businesses again and bring back furloughed staff.

This webinar guides you in:

✅ Knowing how to terminate, dismiss and retrench an employee properly.
✅ Better prepared to face complaints from employees.
✅ Knowing the proper ways to amend employment contracts for the new normal.

Employment Management Webinar Highlights

1. Clearing the confusion between industrial court and labour office.

2. How can business owners properly terminate the following employees?
a. Probation employee
b. Contract employee
c. Permanent employee

3. How can business owners properly and effectively exercise:-
a. Mutually Separation Scheme (MSS)
b. Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS)
c. Retrenchment

4. What can business owners do to avoid unfair dismissal/constructive dismissal?

5. What should business owners do to protect the company interest in this new normal?

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