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Our team of professionals has a vast experience and expertise in valuing different class of assets including businesses, financial instruments and intangible assets across multiple industries from manufacturing, trading, education, plantation, technology, food & beverage (F&B), and others. This covers both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and more established companies such as multinationals (MNCs).

Our experience extends to various commercial contexts, including mergers and acquisitions, company restructuring, shareholder disputes, succession planning and merely for compliance financial reporting purposes.

We value our work by having the experience and knowledge to condense complex business situations and be able to translate and reflecting them by using various financial models. In return, we assist our clients to gain greater insight and foresight which allowed them to make strategic decision.

Specifically to assist SMEs, we can also guide you in terms of financial projections and advice on the feasibility of the business plan and how you can increase the value of your company for an eventual exit plan.

We will typically consider the follow valuation approaches when performing our valuation exercise:-

  • Cost approach (Net tangible asset value – NTA)
  • Market approach (Market multiples approach – P/ E, EV/ EBITDA)
  • Income approach (Discounted cashflow valuation – Financial projection)

Business enterprise valuation

When you need to know the value of business for the purpose of buying or selling or just as a business health check, our team of professionals will assist you to derive the business enterprise valuation required for the right strategy and sound advice in executing the transaction. This can also be a good opportunity to gauge what is your valuation now and how you could improve it in the future. We help you navigate through the complex process and find ways to create value through our analytic procedures and identifying key business drivers.

Financial reporting valuation

We assist in estimating the fair value of the assets in relation to purchase price and assist the management to set an appropriate basis for financial or other reporting purposes. We will advise on the best practice and the strategy in approaching audit or accounting treatment for specific financial reporting valuation purposes.

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