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We are a business advisory firm operating under YYC group based in Kuala Lumpur | KL providing business advisory & planning services to clients throughout Malaysia. Below is the list of our services:

Corporate Restructuring

Benefit from our services:

* Clear reporting structure

* Maximise tax efficiency

* Optimal corporate structure

Strategic Planning

Benefit from our services:

* 5 year business plan

* Establish clear and long term vision and mission for companies

* Strategies on how to achieve business goals

* Assist companies to stay relevant and to focus on growth

* Improve business performance

* Increase market share

* Improve company branding

Outsourced CFO

Benefit from our services:

* Faster access to key important information to support business decisions

* Improve profits

* Maximise cashflow

* Increase clarity and quality of information

* Reduce cost base

Business Valuation

Benefits from our services:

* Determine the approximate value of marketable assets in the event the business is liquidated.

* Establish an approximate value of each owner's interest for personal planning purposes if the business is to be retained for the owner or the owner's survivors.

* Determine the approximate value of each owner's interest if the business interest is to be sold.

Business sale / succession planning

Benefits from our services:

* Promote online to source for prospective buyer

* Maximise the business value

Business incorporation

Benefits from our services:

* Efficient and cost effective incorporation services

* Analysis of the most appropriate types of company structure

* Professional company secretary

Winding up and liquidation

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