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The scope and requirement of Malaysia GST is the most complex compared to other countries around us. Fortunately, our YYC GST Consultants with our motto “KEEP GST SIMPLE AND SHORT” have an enviable reputation for their ability to break things down into simple language. No matter how complex the problem, our experienced GST advisory and planning team can help.

Our GST Experts were trained by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) and passed the examination for the GST Consultants organised by RMCD and Malaysian Institute of Accountant (M.I.A.).

They have a complete understanding not only of the Malaysia GST but of RMCD's policies and procedures. We also work closely with our Singapore Associates which have more than 20 years of experience in Singapore GST and has gone through the transitional period of implementing GST in Singapore.

Our services

GST Workshop & Services

1. GST & Income Tax Development Workshop

2. GST Essential Workshop

3. GST Accounting for Beginner Workshop

4. GST Implementation Advisory & Planning

5. GST Support and Consultation


1. GST & Income Tax Development Workshop

To be a professional GST practitioner, you need to master the GST and income tax treatments, furnishing details pertaining inward and outward supply of goods and services.

This workshop will provide the most comprehensive GST knowledge and income tax development information to assist you in producing your financial report with the highest accuracy.

Course outline :-

  • General GST Issue
  • GST registration
  • Employee benefits
  • Import
  • Export
  • Supply
  • Tax invoice and records keeping
  • Input tax credit
  • Valuation 
  • Transition rules

Date & Venue:

YYC Sri Petaling
13 February 2018 (English)

For more information: http://gst-feb-sp.gr8.com/

YYC Johor
7 February 2018 (Mandarin)

For more information: http://gst-feb-jb.gr8.com/

2. GST Essential Workshop

Since 1 April 2015, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) policy has been implemented with the purpose of improving tax management, capacity, efficiency and transparency. Now GST has become a key part of the accounting report, and any policy updates and changes cannot be ignored. If you have a little knowledge of GST, don't worry, it will be a GST Essential workshop for you.

Through this workshop, you will be able to fully understand the concept and implementation of GST, master its key knowledge and learn how to file a GST return steps by steps, where you can become a professional accounting person with the most cutting-edge GST knowledge.

Course outline :-

  • Understanding the concept of GST
  • GST Registration Guidelines
  • Scope of GST
  • Professional GST Documentation
  •  Efficient GST Return 
  • GST Purchase Tax Codes 
  • GST Supply Tax Codes 
  • Offences and Penalties

Date & Venue:

YYC Puchong
7 February 2018 (Mandarin)

For more information: http://gst-essential-feb-pc.gr8.com/

YYC Serdang
12 February 2018 (Mandarin)

For more information: http://gst-essential-feb-sdg.gr8.com/

3. GST Accounting for Beginner Workshop

The GST (Goods and Services Tax) was implemented in 1 April 2015, and GST has become another important tax mechanism in the local accounting field. Each accountant must master the basic knowledge and the rules of calculation of GST.

GST involves a wide range and relatively new knowledge, especially for fresh people who have just been involved in the accounting world. We will sponsor an complimentary introductory course in GST accounting, and encourage graduates or junior employees who have just worked in the finance department to acquire basic knowledge for their needs in the field.

Course Outlines:

1. Scope of GST

2. GST Supply Tax Codes

3. GST Purchase Tax Codes

4. Mixed Supply

5. Apportionment

6. GST-03

7. GST Audit File

8. Customs Blue Ocean Strategy

Date & Venue:

YYC Sri Petaling
27 February 2018 (Mandarin)

For more information: http://gst-beginner-feb.gr8.com/

4. GST Implementation Advisory & Planning

In view of the complexity and scope of GST requirements, our GST Advisory & Planning Team will apply the Principal of “Keep it Simple & Short” to avoid any unnecessary complexities of GST that affects your company.

We will prepare your staffs and your organization to be GST ready so that they understand the tax mechanism and its application to the business which includes amongst others; proper record-keeping requirements, appropriate treatment to the company’s products and services, likely impact to cash flows, pricing strategies, business contracts and day-to-day accounting for sales and purchases.

Our GST Advisory & Planning service for SMEs:-

Step 1: Review business structure and operation to identify negative impact on GST

Step 2: Conduct GST Training and provide Solutions for negative impact on GST

Step 3: Liaise with your system consultant for GST implementation

Step 4: Perform trial run on your accounting system

Step 5: Assist your company in GST registration

Step 6: Review the first GST return after GST Implementation


Our GST Advisory & Planning service for Non SMEs:-

Phase 1: Initial Review & Awareness

  • To perform an initial review on your Group’s business structure and operation.
  • To conduct an initial meeting and training with key personnel to develop awareness of GST and to discuss the identified specific GST issues in respect of the initial review.
  • To establish GST team/coordinator, discuss schedule of meetings, project timetable, list of persons in charge, responsibilities, processes, possible issues and expectations with key personnel.
  • Key personnel include :-

           -      Directors

           -      CEO, CFO and COO

           -      Head of Department

           -      General Manager

           -      Manager

           -      Assistant Manager 

  • To provide GST training to educate the relevant staffs from the various department.

Phase 2: Detailed Assessment & Impact Study

  • To discuss with the relevant key personnel for the following purposes:-

           -      To obtain an overview of the business operation, structure and model.

           -      To understand the accounting system and applicable key process.

  • To review the organizational chart and group structure for identifying business unit / core business process.
  • To assess the complexity of your group’s business transaction and advise on the GST implication.
  • To assess key operational issues to be addressed including strategic impact of GST on financial reporting, profitability pricing and cash flow of the group.
  • To review all existing contracts entered into by the company with the objective of determining the appropriate GST treatment.
  • To analyze the current business arrangement of the company and identify issues that are subject to transitional rules and the relevant issues  that have arisen.


Phase 3: Implementation

  • To develop action plan for the GST implementation.
  • To make recommendation and assist in the implementation according to action plan.
  • To assist in your group to liaise with the software consultant for system customization process.
  • To assist in trail run to test the effectiveness and adequacy of the operation systems and process in order to ensure that they are GST compliant.
  • To prepare a GST manual for guidance of your group’s staff.

5. GST Support & Consultation

  • Assist in GST Registration
  • Review and prepare GST Return
  • Provide GST advice on post GST implementation