Are you REALLY
Ready for GST?

The Malaysian Government has already announced in the Budget 2014 of the introduction of 6% Goods & Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia which will be effective on April 1, 2015. An important question that you need to ask yourself now, is your business GST ready?

Yap Shin Siang, Managing Partner of YYC & Co. - Chartered Accountant Since 1974, was invited to speak on GST Malaysia that will be introduced in 1st April 2015. In this interview, she explains and shares with Bernama Today how GST will affect businesses in Malaysia.

Here are 5 challenges your business will face if you are not GST ready:

  1. Heavy penalties and fines for non-compliance - regardless of the size of your company, the law imposes the same compliance obligations on GST once the registration threshold of RM500,000 of annual turnover is reached.

  2. Inadequate resources - without adequate knowledge on GST Malaysia, your existing team may not be able to efficiently handle the initial work such as upgrading the accounting and recording system as well as additional work to account for the tax, tracking of the input taxes paid, undertaking reconciliations and filings of GST returns.

  3. Your cash flow would be affected - Businesses needs to be aware on the potential cash flow implications of GST and may need to restructure their cash flow so as to prevent having cash flow problem once GST is implemented.

  4. Procurement - Experiences in other countries such as Australia, Singapore and Thailand have shown that customers generally go on a shopping spree shortly before the introduction of the tax, followed by a period of relative inactivity after the tax is introduced. If your business directly deals with consumers, it may be necessary to do some stock planning to cater for a pre-GST rush.

  5. To register or not - For some business that fall below the registration threshold, on the surface it may appear a good thing that the business is not subject to the compliance burden of the tax.

Fear not!! We can help... Come join our workshop and learn how to deal with the Malaysian Goods and Services Tax (GST) effectively.

Practical GST Concepts and Application Workshop

On 25 October 2013, our Prime Minister announced the implementation of GST at 6% starting from 1 April 2015. Businesses may have a broad idea of how GST works but many have not assessed the effects and implication of GST on their businesses. In order to meet the 1 April 2015 deadline business must get ready for GST now!

This workshop is designed to equip participants with the knowledge of the proposed Malaysian GST legislation. It is designed for practical application and easy learning in order to be prepared for GST implementation.


"The courses I attend to is very knowledgeable and useful for SMI and are able to assist our company to set our position when GST is in enforce."


Leo Chieng Poon Soon, L&N Jaya Sdn Bhd

"I was very impressed by the presentation made by Mr. Jacky Chan. Personally I feel that Jacky did a good job by making the talk very simple and yet had the message put through even though there are still tons of problems which we may not understand that well until we see them in front of us."


Betty Then, Kuching

"This workshop answered many of my doubts, such as problems on costing. Also gave us the opportunity to prepare beforehand, furnished me with the concepts and I am better prepared for GST."

替我解开了很多的疑团, 例如costing上的问题。 让我们有预先准备的机会, 让我有概念和对GST有更充分的准备。

Ms Chong, Construction

 "Today’s talk gave me further understanding on GST. The speech delivered by the speaker was very clear and vivid."

今天听了让我有进一步的了解。主讲人让我听得很明白, 讲解得很生动。

Ms Thiam, (NS Chai Motor Trading, Seremban)

 "On behalf of all my colleagues,thank you very much for the excellent sharing on gst.Such a complicated subject,but you manage to simplify it.We enjoyed your way of teaching with lots of practical examples."

Jeff Kong, DF Pharmacy, Kajang


Course Outline:

ü Types of Supply and tax code exercise

ü Commissions – Case Study
佣金  案例研究

        - Should you charge 6% GST on commission income?

ü Disposal of Business Assets

        - Did you charge GST when you sell your business assets?

ü Reimbursements vs Disbursements
       报销 vs 支出

         - Relationship Concept on Reimbursement / Disbursement
            报销 / 支出的关系概念

ü Inter-Company Billings

        - Should you charge 6% GST on all your inter-company billings within Malaysia?

        - Are you allowed to issue Debit Notes for all your inter-company billings within Malaysia?

ü GST Treatment for:

        Penalties & Interest (罚款与利息)

        Deposits (存款)

        - Down Payment (首付)

        - Discount (折扣)

        - Prompt Payment Discount (及时付款优惠)

        - Rebate (回扣)

        - Warranty(保修期)

        - Free Samples (样本)

ü Supplies Eligible to Claim Input Tax

ü Absorption of GST 承担消费税需知

        - How do you calculate the amount of input tax you can claim back and the actual                             purchase price?

ü Documents required in Claiming Input Tax

ü How to handle:

        - Tax Invoice Addressed to Employee

         - Overdue Tax Invoices

ü Bad Debt Relief 坏账减免

        - What Happens If Your Customer Does Not Pay You

        - Conditions allowed to claim back input tax incurred on your bad debts

        - What happens if your customer pays you back after you have claimed Bad Debt Relief?

ü Repayment of Unpaid Input Tax

       - What happens if you have not paid your supplier? How do you pay back the input tax?
             如果您还没偿还您欠供应商的账务, 您该如何偿还进项税?

ü Employee Benefits

       - Example & Tax Code Application for: Disallowed Input Tax Claims

       - Do You Need To Account For Output Tax On Employee Benefits Provided To Employees?

        - Are Three Exceptions Where You Do Not Need To Account For The Output Tax?

ü Application of 23 GST Tax Codes & its implication on GST Summary Sheet & GAF File
如何应用23GST税码以及此税码如何影响消费税总报表和GAF 文件档                

       - Commonly Used GST Tax Codes for Purchase & Supply

            - 8 Commonly used GST tax codes for purchase: TX, NR, BL, IM, IS, ZP, EP, OP

            -  4 Commonly used GST tax codes for supply: SR, ZRL, ZRE, ES

       - GST Adjustment: Credit Note & Debit Note

       - Special GST Tax Codes

            - 5 Special GST tax codes: DS, OS, RS, AJP, AJS

            - 2 Special GST tax codes for Group registration: GP, GS

        - 4 GST tax codes for Mixed supplier: ES43, TX-E43, TX-N43, TX-RE

ü Differences Between GST accounting and Income tax accounting

ü How to apply Time of Supply (21 days Rule) in journal entry

      - Case of down payment (首付案例)

         - Contractor with Work Certificates (承包商工作证件)

         - Late Supplier Invoice (迟出供应商发票)

ü Offsetting Input Tax against Output Tax

ü Refund of Input Tax: What are situations whereby you can claim back a refund from Customs?

ü Default setting GST tax codes to chart of account

ü MSIC code search methods

ü Guidance on GST Return-03: how to fill in, submit & make payment?
       GST-03 申报表:如何填写,提交,以及付款

Date & Venue:

YYC Kota Damansara Branch

GST Workshop in Mandarin

7 December 2017 (Thursday)

YYC Sri Petaling Branch

GST Workshop in English

21 December 2017 (Thursday)

YYC Johor Branch

GST Workshop in Mandarin

13 December 2017 (Wednesday)

Time: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Course Fee

  • RM 698 - per person (Price inclusive to 6% GST)

    Special offer for Early Bird Registration
    RM 498 per person (price inclusive to 6% GST)

Payment details
*Please make cheque payable to
“YYC GST Consultants Sdn Bhd”
Account Number PBB : 3186-91-8324

Program registration forms are enclosed. 
Please contact YYC Call Centre at :                                                          
Tel: 603 - 2142 6689 (Ext 728)
Fax: 603 - 9226 0504, 
H/P: 019-368 6868 
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We look forward to welcoming you to the workshop.

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