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In Malaysia, like in other parts of the world, the line between functionality and aesthetics becomes more and more blurry as time goes by. Web design KL companies are influenced by the shifting preferences of Internet users.

Before, when websites were relatively new, a lot of emphasis was given to their appearance; the focus was more on their graphic appeal. However, web design trends have changed dramatically. It's not enough that websites are visually appealing. They also must be purposeful.

The number of Internet users has substantially increased. And all of these people who are hungry for information want to get what they need at the least possible time. Statistics indicate that the amount of time spent by users in websites continues to decrease. This is the challenge that web design KL firms face.

In 2011, we are seeing a lot of web design KL companies pushing the boundaries and setting the following trends:

* Simplicity. Minimalism is a concept that web design Kuala Lumpur organizations are beginning to embrace. To resist the design overload, simpler layouts are now more preferred. People who, say, go online shopping would rather view a page that's not distracting so that they can focus on the products rather than on the web design elements.

Simple designs are a breeze to understand and are a more effective medium in getting your message across. Only the essentials are included, leading to a maximum impact of whatever elements are left.

* Mobile readiness. Web design KL companies have been increasingly faced with the task of making websites operational in handheld devices with small screens. Company sites should be scalable since more and more users are accessing the Internet through cellphones. The trend is that flexible websites are being created so that there would be no need to have a separate website dedicated to mobile users.

* Liquid layouts. Before, the standard was that websites had a landscape orientation. However, this won't work on gadgets that are vertically oriented. Because users change their orientation based on the device that they're using, web design KL firms must cope with that challenge.

* Combination of CSS3 and HTML5. Most of the newly made websites by web design KL firms contain almost no Flash elements since they're aiming at decreasing loading time. More websites are moving towards CSS3 and HTML5 due to their superior capabilities.

* Internet security awareness. More people find the need to be assured that the websites that they're accessing for purchases and money transactions are secure. It is important that web design KL providers incorporate trust seals into their clients' websites. Doing this will give the businesses a better chance of retaining customers.

* Social media. Businesses have realized that social media networking allows them to build relationships with customers and suppliers. People spend so much time on Facebook that web design KL companies are searching for innovative methods of integrating social media with the sites that they're creating in order to provide for the e-marketing needs of their clients.

One must be aware of the latest trends in web design because these emerge as a response to the ever-changing needs and wants of users. As new technology evolves to meet the expectations of customers, web designers must keep themselves updated in order to deliver the specifications that their clients need for their business.

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