Headhunter Service

Hirelo Consultancy is a recruitment consultancy organization under YYC group based in Kuala Lumpur, providing job matching services among companies and people, resolving clients' needs with unique and efficiently tailored solutions to clients requirements for people placing.

List of Headhunter Service:

A) Recruitment & Employment Services

Our recruitment team is in possession of expertise, knowledge of industry and employment trends.

Every finalist is tested and pre-screened. 

Pre-employment screening plays a vital role in our enviable success rate for permanent staff recruitment. This is a lengthy but critical series of steps – resume screening, telephone interviews, evaluations, face-to-face meetings and reference checks but to ensure the candidates that recommended are quality. Our recruiters seek long-term matches that not only fit the open position but also the company. Only our best candidates are presented to our clients.

B) Consultation & Outplacement Services

Even in a buoyant jobs market departing employees will view outplacement counseling as an opportunity to enhance their employability. Hirelo is here to provide candidates with quality job opportunities and valuable career advice, everything they need to ensure their job search and ultimately their career as rewarding as possible.

We are much more than a recruiting and placement company.

We are committed to helping candidates fulfill their professional goals at every stage of their career. Along the way, we will present them with challenging and rewarding opportunities at top companies, help them earn a competitive income, and provide them with the latest skill-enhancement services and a full range of benefits.

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