The Dangers of Hiring a Cheap
Web Design Malaysia Company

As the web continues to develop and expand, we've seen a proliferation of cheap web design Malaysia organizations advertising their services. With the multitude of choices available to businesses, it can get extremely difficult to select a reliable website design company.

Firms have realized that the Internet is one of the best, if not the best, places to market their goods and services. In order to do this, one must have a website that is beautiful and functional at the same time. A lot of web design Malaysia companies promise to deliver such work at a very affordable price. However, as with any product or service that you buy, you will definitely get what you pay for.

How to spot a cheap web design Malaysia provider

A lot of people who don't know anything about web design and development won't be able to distinguish between cheap but good and just plain cheap. Most simply look at the appearance of the website. However, you have to dig into the source code. Look for mistakes in coding, images that take forever to load, and sloppy SEO techniques.

Furthermore, there are some cheap web design Malaysia companies that advertise custom-coded web design. What they don't tell you is that they merely download free templates, customize your fonts and colors, and then simply add your logo. And since the source code didn't come from them, they don't have a clue about its security and quality of referral links.

Furthermore, you should think twice if a provider is offering you so much for such a low price. The rule of thumb is this: price is indirectly proportional to the time spent on website building. And less time means lower quality of work.

When to run away from a cheap web design Malaysia company

Poor service will definitely come along with a bargain price tag. Most cheap web design Malaysia firms will only offer a limited number of options and minimal suggestions on SEO-related issues.

To help you determine when to say no, here are a few danger signals that you should know. Run away if the web designer:

  1. Doesn't inquire about your business and its objectives

  2. Doesn't bring up SEO

  3. Prioritizes aesthetics over usability

  4. Doesn't ask about your target audience

  5. Suggests that the whole website be in Flash (search engines can't see Flash sites)

  6. Recommends the use of frames (search engines have a hard time seeing pages with frames)

  7. Doesn't bear disabled users in mind when it comes to site navigation

The consequences of hiring a cheap web design Malaysia company

Always remember that your business will bear the consequences of cheap web design. If your website uses beginner SEO, then it can mean loss of ranking in major search engines.

It may even mean deindexing, which is like your business getting wiped off the Internet. The cheap web design Malaysia provider walks away with your cash, while your business ends up with a bad website with zero traffic.

And your liabilities may get even bigger! There are many horror stories about companies that utilized cheap services and got websites that don't protect customer information. They wound up paying thousands of dollars in fines. You wouldn't want this to happen to your business, do you?

Our company is definitely none of the above. We employ professionals who are specialists in website design. Being cheap is not our game. What we offer is value. We hope that you'd fill up the form below. You may also call us at 03-2142 6689 or 010-2215045 and look for Chau Yap or Mr. Goh.

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